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Oksana Tanasiv: Ukrainian-American international contemporary artist

oksana tanasiv
Oksana Tanasiv (Oksi) is Ukrainian-American international contemporary artist with art sold to private collectors in Europe, Asia, Australia, and U.S.

Oksana is well-known as a fashion artist of New York Fashion Week. Her Fashion Art collections were presented on Times Square, Waldorf Astoria, Wall Street, and other venues of NYFW every seasons since 2012.

The dresses by Dior, Galiano, Pucci, Zuhair Murad are re-created by artist as 3-D work installations.
Oksana Tanasiv was born in Ternopil, Ukraine. In 1999 she graduated at Ternopil State Pedagogical University with degree in science.

Later, in 2003, she graduated at the State Academy of Economy with degree in business. Although she dedicated her formative years to to earning knowledge in science and business, her true passion was art. Oksana remained faithful to developing her artistic skills by painting whenever time allowed.

In 2004 Oksana Tanasiv won a Green Card lottery and immigrated to the USA where she continued her professional career and earned another Bachelor degree at University of Connecticut. The knowledge in business, science, marketing, branding benefited her artistic career in many ways and allowed Oksana to develop her art brand to the higher level over years. Today artist lives and works in Norwalk, CT, USA.

The art pieces created with using author’s exclusive technique, thousands of Swarovski crystals on canvas.

Working in different styles, with different art theories, media techniques, Oksana created numerous collections including “Dollar Art” series, “Code”U”, “Reincarnation” and highlighted her vision on political, social, cultural life through art. Her collections have been exhibiting at galleries of NY, CT and International trade shows.

Currently art by Oksana Oksi is presented by Flat Space Art in London, UK and Europe and C.Parker Gallery in Greenwich, CT.

Her last collection, Dollar Art is artist’s vision of social, political, economical world and the relation between people and money.

Dollar Art conception is a surreal world where the surrounding objects – steps, chairs, umbrellas, doors, business suits, glasses, trees -are created of dollar bills with purpose to deliver a message about influence of banknotes on person’s behavior and brain: to show an interconnection between  corruption and famine, ignorance and war, hardworking and achievement, abuse and protection, gender inequality, political manipulations, and economical issues.


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