Famous Ukrainian Fashion Designer: Lilia Poustovit

«It would be very important for me if the notion “Ukrainian fashion” generally existed!»

Lilia Poustovit

Lilia Poustovit is a famous Ukrainian fashion designer and trendsetter who already more than 15 years shows her collections under brand POUSTOVIT on Ukrainian Fashion Week and, and she also develops collections for ATELIER 1 CONCEPT which participates in London Fashion Week. Lilia became in 2004 the president of the Fashion Syndicate of Ukraine. In mass media she is known as «Ukrainian Fashion headliner of the Premier League», «maestro who qualitatively changed the understanding of ethnics», «conceptualist and cosmopolitan», «idol for advanced youth». In some terms of it, we can call her world’s man. Because she feels herself comfortable everywhere – on the streets of Paris, London, Rome, and Kiev! She was one of the first Ukrainian designers who brought Indian and in general Eastern motives, and American as well, in Ukrainian fashion.

She is very charismatic, tranquil, harmonious, and natural in her ambivalence woman. Such features are transferred into her works. She doesn’t look back at others. She creates her unique style. While she continues to work on developing a separate line for ATELIER 1 CONCEPT that is sold in the most famous concept-stores in the world: Dover Street Market (London and Tokyo), Le Form (Moscow), 10 Corso Como (Seoul) and L’Eclaireur (Paris), she also takes an active part in fashion life.

But how this designer became famous?! … As we know, after graduating Kiev Technological Institute of Food and Light Industry (faculty of clothing manufacture) she moved to Moldova and became the main art director at clothes factory in Bendery City. But when the Soviet Union crashed, she came back again in Kiev… Her first step to become outstanding was the establishment of trademark «nb poustovit» in June in 1998. She still cooperates with textile company «Nota Bene»!!!

No matter what season, weather or mood, Poustovit’s designs are cozy and comfortable. Simple lines and silhouettes, precise compositions of traditional costumes’ shapes, lush volume of skirts, mixture of cultures and lifestyles, influence of ethnic atmosphere, eclectic combination of checks, strips, bands and flowers, concentration of warm and tenderness… It is Lilia Poustovit’s style!!! «Universal», «youth», «ethnic», «urban», «electrical», «minimalist», «individual», «warm», «comfortable», and «bright» style!!! Today the clothes designed by her are sold not only in Ukraine, Russia, but also in Italy, Switzerland, Great Britain, Japan, and South Korea.

The designer has a sense of drama and cinema and it shows in her designs. Her dresses feature an effortless fusion of elegance and modesty and are easy to wear. How different she were in presenting her works, you will never mix her style with other styles!!! Besides, Lilia Poustovit is one of the most in-demand designers. The list of her clients includes Sofia Rotaru, Valentina Yuschenko, Ruslana, Anastasia Katerynchuk, Yelena Franchuk, Olga Shovkovska, Valeria Rodnianska, Olga Gerasymyuk, Kristina Orbakaite, Tina Kandelaki and others.

Intelligence, genuineness and traditions are the basic values of POUSTOVIT brand.

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