About KievGlam

KievGlam is a Community Social Network that connects nice decent open-mind international people from Ukraine and others countries in a friendly way.

KievGlam started in 2010 as a magazine on-line that published articles and photos reports about Ukrainian Fashion, Art and Culture.

Then from 2011 we organized many exclusive AfterWork Events in Kiev and others cities in order to connect people from Ukraine and from different countries together in a nice and selective ambiance.

Those events allowed hundreds of participants to connect and network together with other members of KievGlam Community and their friends, since invitations to the events were only sent through Facebook KievGlam page, to enjoy a nice AfterWork event with a Fashion Show or Artists performances.

Now in 2017, Kievglam is back with articles and events and also offers a Community Social Network that will allow the members and their friends that used to connect and meet at the KievGlam events to connect directly on-line from anywhere in the world.

The selective process of membership into the Kievglam Community (Registration only by receiving invitation from administrator or from another member, or througt the Kievglam Facebook/Vk/Instagram pages, and validation by administrator of each profile…) is the guarantee that the community will be, as in the past events, only composed by educated, nice, open-minded, international oriented cool people, for friendship, networking, or more...

This process will guarantee to the members that new members will fit with the spirit of KievGlam Community.

The same way during the events the participants were able to meet other participants selected through KievGlam Facebook page and invited by others members, the new website will allow participants to connect with quality people with who they know they can share similar backgrounds and interests.

With KievGlam, they will be able to share a good level of communication with qualified members.

Therefore, the connection that members will find on-line inside our KievGlam Community will be stronger and more accurate than with others mobile application or website.

Of course we will also keep organizing exclusive events for our members, such as Afterwork Fashion Parties or thematic week-end trips in Ukraine (Odessa in summer, Lviv in winter…) to keep real life connection and meet at events possible for the members of the KievGlam Community.

We are happy to have created this new on-line service in order to help nice open-mind people to connect together, with members from others countries or members that are living or visiting the country or city they live.

And of course we will continue to write interesting articles about Fashion, Art and Travel!

Welcome to The KievGlam Community Social Network!

Contact Us

+33 6 68 48 50 48